Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Video of Senegal Life: Dance Til You Drop!

Check out my YouTube video of Peace Corps life in Senegal so far! (Note: Watch full screen in HD for best effect - select the gear icon at the bottom of the movie, change to 720p.) 

One overarching thing I can say about Senegalese culture is this: the vibrancy of this West African country shines through most clearly in their love of dance. I will always admire the way Senegalese people can let loose their inhibitions and move with (or without) the music, always fluid and in rhythm, whenever and wherever the mood strikes them!

Note: This video was submitted for consideration in the Peace Corps Week 2014 (#PCWeek2014) Video Challenge, "Cultural Windows: What I wish Americans knew about my Peace Corps country." This contest encourages currently serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers to help Americans better understand their country of service through engaging videos. This video does not reflect the official views of the Peace Corps or U.S. Government.